Nutrition Updates

The secrets that lay beneath a banana’s skin!

September 2015


Bananas are tasty and convenient to eat, but how many of us realise just how nutritious they are? Even if you know they are healthy, many banana lovers will be pleasantly surprised by what this means for their body!


For instance, did you know that bananas help to regulate blood pressure and therefore contribute to heart health?


Here’s another good one…….bananas help reduce calcium excretion, which means the nutrients provided by bananas work to help more calcium to be effectively absorbed by our bones!


And it doesn’t stop at that, bananas help our bodies to regulate nerve and muscle activity making banana lovers more resilient to juggle life’s daily activities.

Potassium is one of the reasons for these benefits. One medium-sized banana provides us with about 450mg of potassium.


So next time you bite into a banana, don’t just marvel at the taste, remember that by eating a banana, you are doing your body a big favour.