“"We only use the finest, Maleny milk, premium, local fresh fruit and quality, live cultures in our yoghurts"


Sensational taste you can't beat...Raybek's is the bomb!

June 2017



What is behind the sensational Greek yoghurt that is taking Australia by storm? If you don't know the yoghurt we're talking about, then you are missing out!


We're talking about seriously nice, seriously healthy Raybek Greek yoghurt! Proudly made by Raybek Foods, a company based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland.


Raybek's is supplying an expanding population of followers who will go to great lengths to access their products. Consumers seek out Raybek Food suppliers because their yoghurt is the bomb! It is quite simply the best.


Raybek Foods is a family business started in 2007 by Raymond Cutuli and his wife and business partner, Rebecca (‘Ray’ & ‘Bek’). Prior to Raybek Foods, Raymond was a Chef who always had a passion for great local produce. He believed that the range of natural, Greek yoghurts on the market was limited and often over priced.


Ray and Bek's idea was simple: they wanted to make fresh, premium quality Greek yoghurt at a good price readily available. From there, the business began producing and selling modest amounts of yoghurt.


Soon after, product demand and sales outlets steadily grew. And, within 12 months, Raybek yoghurt was appearing in delicatessens, cafes and shop fridges across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


Today, you can also find a range of their awesome yoghurts in South-East Queensland's fresh-food-vending machines.


So, what is their secret? According to Raybek Operations Manager, Grant Buttigieg, trust in consistent, top quality products is the foundation to their success.


"We only use the finest, Maleny milk, premium, local fresh fruit and quality, live cultures in our yoghurts, said Grant.


"Fresh taste and quality means our yoghurts don't rely on additives or anything artificial to make them thick or to add taste. And, our yoghurts are 100% gluten free."

Tonnes of Raybek yoghurt are sought after across the South-East corner and beyond, with Greek yoghurt lovers in Sydney starting to demand their local fresh-food stores stock Raybek yoghurts.


 "We've had to increase our production in recent months because of this new demand interstate," says Grant.


"However, we'll never expand beyond supporting local outlets. Our product would not be the same if it became part of a large chain. We are focused on fresh ingredients, and reliable flavour."


Raybek yoghurt options change according to seasons and customer feedback. The business usually has nine different flavours on the market, with passion fruit, mixed berry, mango and muesli customer favourites. An exciting new flavour, manuka honey, is also in the pipeline.


While Raybek Foods is famous for their Greek yoghurt, they are also building a presence in the gourmet dip and anti-pasto markets. Grant says their hummus dip is very popular.


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Raybek’s is a local success story; and one which makes our fresh-food vending customers and other lovers of great food very happy!


At FruitBar, we support and celebrate fresh, local food. Here's to Raybek Foods and awesome Australian fresh produce! Eating well is the bomb!