Ripen with care:  how to choose and store your avocados wisely!

September 2015


The avocado is a versatile and scrumptious single-seeded fruit; and when ripened and stored with care, avocado can be kept fresh and tasty for days after purchase.


However, according to fresh produce buyer for City Pantry, Banana Bar and Fruitbar, Colin Follett of Fresh Connections, consumers often prefer to buy an avocado when it is ripe and then find their produce can become squishy and discoloured within a matter of days.


“Understandably we can feel disappointed and think that we’ve been sold a bad avocado,” said Colin.


“There are several factors to avocado quality and freshness, but importantly, from a consumer point of view is how mature avocado is at purchase. A ripe avocado is basically ready to eat on the day of purchase and depending on the time of year, won’t last much longer.


“To increase ‘shelf life’ at home, you need to buy firm, less ripe avocado. The firm avocado can generally be kept at room temperature for three to four days, and once just soft to touch, refrigerated fresh for up to a week.


“Personally, I have found that storing the just-ripe fruit in an air-tight container in the fridge further preserves freshness and can make avocados last beyond one week.

 “This home ripening approach means you can buy numerous avocados and keep a ready supply of quality avocados on tap.”


For consumers who have avocado they want to ripen quickly, try storing the fruit in a paper bag for several days alongside a banana or apple. The ethylene gas in the accompanying fruit accelerates ripening naturally.


Avocado accompanied by fresh tomato and crackers is a big winner at City Pantry, Banana Bar and Fruitbar. We ensure the avocados you purchase from our fresh food vending machines have been ripened and stored perfectly.  Quality avocados are an amazing snack for consumers keen to purchase healthy food on the run.


‘To help increase ‘shelf life’ at home, you need to buy firm, less ripe avocado,’ Colin Follett (Produce Buyer).



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