Popular local Greek yoghurt becomes a fresh-food vending success story

November 2015


For the Raybek Foods family on the Gold Coast, Queensland, a simple idea to improve the availability of quality Greek yoghurt resulted in thousands of people becoming hooked on their product, including a loyal and expanding fresh-food vending cohort.


The recent inclusion of Raybek yoghurts in the convenient fresh-food vending outlets: FruitBar™, BananaBar™ and CityPantry™, has complimented the range of products and is proving to be a favourite among many customers.



According to Business Owner, Raymond Cutuli, Raybek Foods supports the benefits of fresh-food vending and is delighted to now be a part of the concept.


“Since working with South-East Queensland’s FruitBar, BananaBar and CityPantry, we have received a lot of positive feedback from new customers who love healthy vending options. Many have commented on product taste and freshness across all of the machines.”


Raybek Foods was established by Raymond Cutuli and his wife and business partner, Rebecca Cutuli, (‘Ray’ & ‘Bek’) in 2007.  With significant business input from Ray’s parents, and a small handful of staff, the business began producing and selling a modest amount of yoghurt.  Product demand, along with the number of sales outlets, steadily grew. Within 12 months, Raybek yoghurt was appearing in delicatessen, cafe and shop fridges in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.


Raybek Operations Manager, Grant Buttigieg, said current national Raybek yoghurt sales are ‘multiple tonnes per week’ and ‘steadily increasing’. Two-hundred stores stock Raybek yoghurts and supplies are readily snapped up. This small business employs 14 people and has expanded their operations through positive word-of-mouth.


Prior to Raybek Foods, Raymond was a Chef who always had a passion for great local produce and believed that the range of natural, Greek yoghurts on the market was limited and often over-priced. “He’s a big believer in quality and flavour, and became intent on making an amazing product,” said Grant.


Raybek yoghurt options change according to seasons and customer feedback. The business usually has nine different flavours on the market, with passionfruit, mixed berry, mango and muesli customer favourites. Raybek Greek yoghurt has less sugar than other Greek yoghurts and is 100% gluten free.


“Our customers love the fact that our yoghurt not only tastes great, it’s filled with wholesome, natural ingredients including dairy milk from the Maleny region and local seasonal fruit. Healthy bacteria give the yoghurt its nourishing flavour, together with the quality of fresh dairy milk, a natural thickness is achieved without any added milk powder or thickeners,” said Grant.


While Raybek Foods is famous for their Greek yoghurt, they are also building a presence in the gourmet dip and anti-pasto markets.


Raybek’s is a local success story; and one which makes our fresh-food vending customers and other lovers of great food very happy!




'…….we have received a lot of positive feedback from new customers who love healthy vending options.'


Raymond Cutuli.

Raymond Cutuli is pictured at a recent Raybek yoghurt taste testing.