‘Our motto is to never compromise quality for quantity’

Traprock Orchard Operations Manager, Nigel Pratt.


Close-up of sensational Traprock plums

The beautiful Traprock Orchard

Queensland’s Traprock Orchard boasts some of the best plums in the world

December 2015

Traprock Orchard plums are some of the finest in the world. Why? The simple answer: they taste incredible and are always fresh! But there is more to the Traprock story than meets the eye.


In this week’s Blog, we talk to Traprock Orchard Operations Manager, Nigel Pratt, to find out why they are known to have some of the world’s best-tasting, best-quality plums!


What makes Traprock plums taste so good?


Our farm, based 55km west of Stanthorpe, Queensland, offers prime plum-growing conditions. The region’s soil has excellent nutrient-holding capacity, which means that our plums are very nutrient dense with great flavour and a long shelf life. The Traprock region is also characterised by cold nights and hot daytime temperatures, both of which are ideal plum-growing conditions.


The way we harvest our fruit also makes a big difference. At Traprock Orchard, we don’t pick fruit before it has hit its peak Brix reading (natural sugar content). Our motto is to never compromise quality for quantity.


Are Traprock plums a particular variety?


We are currently growing five sought-after plum varieties: Black Nectar, Honey Dino, Ebony Treat, Purple Majesty and Flavor Majesty. Eighty percent of the trees have not reached peak production, so it is safe to say over the coming years we will see a lot more Traprock plums on the market!


Our team is always researching and trialling better varieties to ensure Traprock Orchard is at the leading-edge of plum production, and to provide the best-possible product for our consumers.  As we speak, our plums are being tested for ‘Anthocyanin’ levels (plant pigment compounds which act as flavonoids and are rich in antioxidants) to determine the true nutritional value of each variety.


Is there a Pratt Family ‘philosophy’ or approach to farming?


We believe that healthy soils are the key to sustainable farming. By improving the soil health at Traprock Orchard, we are able to step away from conventional farming and reduce the use of harmful chemicals. We are also gradually incorporating livestock into the orchard. This will be a win-win situation through cattle controlling the weeds and the animals can access the clovers and local grasses that would have otherwise been mowed.


How can you find Traprock plums?


Traprock Orchard plum season begins around the third week of November, making them a sought-after summer fruit. As well as being sold at major supermarkets throughout Queensland, you can find Traprock Orchard plums at numerous *fruit and vegetable retailers (see list below) and at South-East Queensland fresh-food vending machines during December.


What do your customers have to say?


Our customers have always commented that our plums are ‘very juicy’ and ‘always sweet’. It is also common to be asked where they can find them because ‘other plums aren’t as good’.


How does the future look for Traprock Orchard?


Traprock Orchard is working towards a very bright future. We will plant an additional 3000 plum trees this winter (2016) to ensure a continuous volume of plums for the market from November to December. Each year, better varieties become available to us and we continuously research improved methods of production to maximise fruit quality.


Any ‘plum’ advice?


Our plums are an excellent, healthy snack alternative which fits perfectly in your lunch box or can be eaten straight from the fridge! We enjoy our plums fresh as they are. But there are so many ways you can be creative with plums. A family favourite is an Upside Down Plum Cake. We recently posted a photo of on our Facebook page, it’s sure to be a winner for Christmas dessert: .


The Pratt’s


The Pratt’s are outstanding farmers who have been growing and selling plums for over twenty years. Based at their property, Traprock Orchard, the family is behind the production of superior-tasting, top-quality peaches, plums and nectarines. The Pratt’s are passionate about their produce and we are too! Find out more about Traprock Orchards at:


*Retail outlets: Fruity Capers ; Indooroopilly Fruit; Chandler Mega Fresh; Top Spot Fruit Aspley; Caloundra Fruit Market;  Carina Mega Fresh; James St Market; Ferry Rd Market; The Barracks; Erbacher's Fruit and Vegetables; and Paradise Fruit Market.


Contact for more information:  Nigel Pratt M: 0457 724 417