Boutique Foods: awesome flavour that keeps you coming back to City Pantry for more!

October 2015


City Pantry Communications recently investigated what motivates Brisbane fresh food ‘Celebrity Chef’, Jamie Whitlock, to produce his awesome line of healthy, convenient foods.  Jamie is a City Pantry, Banana Bar and Fruitbar Supplier and Owner and Manager of Brubeck’s Boutique Foods.

Jamie is pictured (crouching) in front of the Brubeck’s team.


When you speak to Jamie Whitlock he leaves you with a sense that life is so much better when you have good food that you truly enjoy. Jamie’s descriptions of the meals produced at Brubeck’s take you back to your favourite kitchen and a perfect meal…..his pizzazz for describing wholesome, tasty food makes you hungry!


According to Jamie, Brubeck’s began as a lifestyle change 15 years ago when, after experience working in restaurants in Australia and abroad, Jamie wanted to develop his own restaurant-quality range of retail foods. He soon began showcasing simple, delicious, fresh takeaway meals in retail outlets around Brisbane and has never looked back.


Jamie’s range of healthy takeaway meals were a ‘huge hit’. Within months, the Brubeck’s workforce expanded and his signature meals were appearing at major outlets across South East Queensland. Fast forward to 2015, and Brubeck’s is a trusted gourmet food brand and market leader in the region and a favourite at City Pantry.


The range of foods now produced by Brubeck’s includes gourmet salads and pizzas, tasty quiches, and gourmet express foods such as healthy sandwiches, wraps & leafy salads. These meals and snacks are consumed by around 10,000 people per week.


While all of the Brubeck’s meals and snacks look amazing, we were keen to know what makes these products special. Why do sales keep increasing in what is essentially a very competitive market?


According to Jamie, making value-for-money meals is a high priority at Brubeck’s; but the real focus is producing ‘healthy food that always tastes great’, a philosophy that aligns closely with the City Panty mantra.


“Our philosophy is to use fresh ingredients, preferably locally sourced, and ensure minimal processing so your Brubeck’s meal is top quality.” said Jamie.


“And, we make sure our recipes are innovative, with our customers’ preferences always in mind.


“City Pantry is a perfect avenue for us to extend our reach to the community and to help people to access the best quality, fresh food on the go.”


The team at City Pantry are proud to boast a range of Brubeck’s meals and salads at our fresh food vending machines. We extend thanks to Jamie and his team for their ongoing work and creativity.


‘…..the real focus is
producing ‘healthy food that always tastes great’, a philosophy that aligns closely with the
City Panty mantra.’